All-NBA Defensive Teams 2019-2020

LeBron not being on either team is a joke.

Kawhi hasn’t played D all year. Hes load managed, missed games, lost a step and didnt care about defense this year. Straight reputation vote. Trash.

Good to see my boy Ben Simmons get some love.

Bucks have 3 players and almost got swept by Miami. Whatever.


And Brook Lopez is on there… :rofl: idek how

Brook Lopez was actually really good on defense this year

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There’s Bam and Brook on there Lebron should’ve made it he got robbed

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You need a center. So they could move one off but at least one had to make it or a different center

NBA all defensive teams!!



Brook Lopez…?

Yeah umm Brook Lopez? :rofl:

Bam and Brook are both big men I say Lebron > Brook but yeah Brook was solid this year

Lopez surprised me too but someone mentioned the other day that he gets alot of blocks

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He’s averaging 2.4 per game wow he’s so silent on the court though lol

that’s pretty crazy. Might be more than the guys on the 1st team

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This reputation thing because the media said he slack off defense when he left Miami because it’s hard playing that Miami Heat defense with Kevin Love and Kyrie, Lebron always played that free safety type defense now he got AD, he can play defense how he normally does. Now he playing all nba type defense and they disrespecting him. Same way they did him when he played all 82 games and single handily carried the Cavs to finals his last year in Cleveland

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Where is PJ Tucker


Where tf PJ Tucker at. Had such hard assignments all year and never really gets cooked.

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Right. What a joke.

Brook Lopez was insane on defense this year.

Bledsoe unironically said he should be DPOY.

Just looked up some stats on him. 19.4 contested shots per game is #1 in the league. Opponents shoot 44% in the paint when Lopez is defending, #2 in the league. 2.4 blocks per game which is #2 in the league.