All former POTM's are MTU prizes again

Very creative. No token or MT prize update.

2 wins = Bird
3 wins = Amar’e
4 wins = Baron
5 wins = Clyde
6 wins = Dirk
7 wins = Moses
8 wins = Worthy
9 wins = Wilt
10 wins = Rice
11 wins = Lucas
12 wins = Beasley


Bealsey is in?

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Think it’s for the whole month that you get former POTM. At least that’s what the tweet made it sound like.

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Damn. At least the first time there was juiced tokens alongside and I think diamond consumable for 12-0?

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Wonder if it’s weekend or that’s just the monthly rewards making everyone have the chance to get Dr J and Gay


Well that’s a good point. Maybe the weekend event is something else then, the actual event graphic is still blank.

I hope it certain beacuse potm is total 13 players not enough for 12 wins so

Nice I neee lucas for Gay , but my focus is that beast ass Oscar

They need to give rice and Rudy an evo. Rice could be top SG with the right evo

Prior MTU rewards are available only for 1 day?

The wording in the agenda makes it seem to me that it’s permanent

Pretty sure it means permanent

I mean do I have to win the missing players till tomorrow 9:59 AM?

Nah I think those are here until the end of the month bro

I know I know I wish 2k would fix their wording it’s like they want us to be scratching our heads

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Damn, no packs or something. 1 win for Heat pack is pretty decent i guess, lol

Last year’s August reward stayed there to this day. I imagine this is here forever on 2k20

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Honestly I panicked grinding for Rudy Gay just 2 weeks ago, seems me like an idiot, those swears don’t mean shit

This will stay like this until they turn the servers off. We aren’t getting a new PotM in September. I had already predicted this in another thread.

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I wish they would’ve done this in July instead. Feel like it’s a little late now considering the market crash we’ve just seen.

I need Moses and Glen for Rudy on top of Oscar. That’s 29 wins :face_vomiting:

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Lucas is nice for sure. Bully at the 3 with a lightning quick jumper