All decade 10 teams

Now that 2010s are over after this season what are the all decade teams

For me it’s

1st team:
G: Curry
G: Harden
F: Durant
F: James
C: Davis

2nd team
G: Westbrook
G: cp3
F: Anthony
F: Nowitzki
C: Howard

Third team:
G: Bryant
G: wade
F: Kawhi
C: Duncan

This was off the top of my head so I could have missed someone

Switch Kawhi and Melo for me

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Kawhi and Anthony need to switch places .so do Bryant and Westbrook along with Duncan and howard

Duncan and Kobe were dominant for a good 3-4 years in this decade

The issue with your list is that you have considered the past 2-3 years as the barometer to make these lists. Will make my own and post it.

Can’t have AD there.
He didn’t achieve anything.

Probably the weakest C decade ever.
Dwight started having injury trouble, same goes for KG.

Even though he was old, Timmy won a chip and still had huge impact up until 2015.

Agreed on the rest of 1st team.

I’d switch Kobe and CP3.
Kawhi ahead of Melo.

AD is crazy dominant

Ehhh I think Kobe should be higher

I feel like Love should be on here somehow for his minnesota years even though the team didnt do well. Rondo maybe too.
Also I love Dirk but I dont think his 2011 championship is enough to call him one of the best of this particular decade.

I would switch the guards for the 2nd and 3rd teams

dirk won finals mvp and beat the second best team this decade. dirk is placed fine

I could see Timmy being over ad and I changed my mind and think Kawhi is over Melo, but I think cp3 is still above Kobe since he has been elite basically throughout the decade, where as Kobe was great for a few years at the beginning

Decades are not defined by one year.

Who would u replace dirk w

Thts not true at all kobe last “dominant” season was when they got swept by the mavs

Tbh I would say Griffen has been a better PF this decade, but injuries and lack of success really hurt his perception from people.

I was really thinking about putting him there but I decided not to because like u said he hasn’t done anything

dirk was still good early in the decade. not crazy but he did get a ring like kobe.