All are welcome at the church of Joe Harris

The man is a goon, averaging 30 off the bench in all 5 games I’ve played with him. I’ve played with all the elite shooters and he is better than Klay for 1/3 of the price. Get him before packs expire because his price will rise when all the youtubers hype him up.

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Thinking of selling my klay but ehhhhhhhhh

gonna cop during the mvp release


Can you do a vid

Don’t sell. Joe will allow way more points than Klay.

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Not with a defensive shoe and badges, Klay and Harris have the same weakness and it’s post defense.

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I reallllyyyyy like klay as a player and his release but part of me wants the MT back

Except Klay has a solid low post for a SG, while Harris subpar.

Plus Klay has all IQs higher and most importantly LQ, reactions, shot contest and consistency in 90s.

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Lol Harris definitely weaker on defense forsure no question

Everybody in here acting like all people post up constantly. Who the fuck cares about post D most idiots shoot 100 3s


Those stats don’t matter all that much if you know how to play on ball defence properly.


@trala7 truueeee to a degree

As always, 2k juice the performance of new cards to get people to buy them. Next time they release a shiny new shooter they’ll nerf the shit out of Harris so that you sell and go spend money on the new one. New players are almost always monsters.

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Tbh the only defensive stats for a guard that should matter is LQ, Shot contest and steal

Eh idk about that my klay is a monster

Reactions, LQ, shot contest do matter on ball. They also matter when chasing someone off screens when he is not controlled.

Dude is a animal, his release is quick and elevate stupid high, stupid fast

(2k know damn well this wasn’t his release during the contest or all year for that matter)


Lateral quickness yeah, and speed too. Shot contest feels irrelevant for me on ball. Height and wingspan more important than that rating. Your right they matter when he’s chasing people around screens and your not controlling in a play or something.

I have almost every card in the game up to this point, Harris can play D if you know what you’re doing. With shoe and coach boost he is nearly equal to Klay in Lateral Quickness, Shot Contest and On-Ball IQ which are the things that matter most. He also has higher Steal, Block, and Pass Perception than Klay.

The point of this wasn’t to argue though, it was to say that there is a widely available and affordable card that can do all the same things that a overpriced card can do.


Shot contest matters a lot. With lower SC, it won’t register that hard contest.

E.g. Doug Christie this year. High 90s defense, shite low contest. Played him three times, he never was able to contest me more than lightly. (Ofc that’s an extreme example).