ALDRIDGE was only 30 tokens in diamonds. Sorry if you missed it :(

Hurry up


Just copped. Thanks mane

I wouldn’t even touch his PD with a 10ft pole


lol fck this game I get triggered by this shit every day


I had one more diamond left anyways so 30 tokens to open the pd market is nice

Chill man, card would get ate up by some cards less than 30k


i dont have the diamond market ooen shit

Nice! I’ve enjoyed his PD, so maybe I can sell it now and make a bit of MT.

30 tokens for this card is a steal

Has to be a mistake right?

I’m still in the diamond market so this would count towards me advancing. I’m not even that mad lol it’s just exhausting to have to follow this shit day after day


Of course its a mistake. Its 2k lol

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That release is wet

Seriously lol you think they just did us a solid?

2K fucks the working man for the 5,000th time.

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It’s been forever since I’ve been on them diamind market but if I’m not mistaken it’s 60 for a diamond

Amethyst Kidd was 30 tokens

It’s a glitch then

Lol doubt it. Just a mistake probably

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