AK47 with Curry 2 lows listed 4 hours (XB1)

Just listed him up, the shoe boosts all the 3 PT categories, driving layup and speed with ball.

My dream has come true. You will be getting good bids from me, sir. Do you know what his in game overall is with the shoes.

I’ll be sure to bid it up to 250k :sweat_smile:. Thanks for letting me know you want that card

You hoe :disappointed: Please no please no.

What’s it at ?

Sold for 215, did one of y’all get him?

The timer fucked Up for me. I was gonna bid w 10 secs left and it said it ended already

I got one on PS4 for 200 the other night. Day before got outbid at 300k

I won’t ever buy another 2k again, simply because of the dreadful ass auction house, let alone the broken gameplay mechanics. Between the timer ending early, the 100k minimum buy it now, the 4 hour minimum listing times, and the ridiculous “searching” message, I have lost every bit of patience that I ever had.