AK47 w/ Curry’s 98K [PS4]

Only AK47 up with Curry’s, 4 Hours, Includes /
• 26 Contracts
• Curry High’s (+9 all 3pt, +9 Speed/Speed w ball)
• Limitless & DRD on Silver

How much?

98k. Only one up on the auction house. DRD and limitless upgraded by me

BID or BIN? I am at work now. If it doesn’t sell i might contact you although i think it is a little expensive. Good luck selling him.

One went for 95k today and 100k yesterday. And BIN.

Ah ok. That’s crazy. His base card is like 25-30k. 70k for a shoe is a little much even for me :rofl:. Good luck though.

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He sold, so if you’re lookinf for one then try to get him for under I’d say 90k. Seems like he’s a favorite for a lot of people.

Thanks but i will just stay away for that price. I’ll just add a gold shoe to my base AK47.

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