AK47 VS Jamison at PF

I know on paper Jamison should perform much better at the four, but does he? Interested in opinions…

Ak better animations

I run both of them at SF tried them both at PF.I prefer Jamison at that position more STR.AK47 has been an OP PG for me since i got him in Nov.

If you’ve got the MT he’s nice at the 4… but I sold him and just kept Ak47 in there cause I only got 700k for the rest of the year… waiting for players I actually like

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That’s basically what I’m wondering…i figure I’ll just keep AK since he is versatile. Probably my best PG if I chose to run him there. AK actually has a bigger and thicker player model than Jamison. I only used Jamison at PF a couple games then yanked him because he was ass rebounding even with HOF Hustle Rebounder.

I don’t know…Jamison has a better running front cross and AK has a better behind the back. Pretty similar after that. AK has 99 steal with Kobe mids and Jamison has a post game.

Jamison is a beast at pf I think both will play very similar since they both have strength and defense. Jamison just goes up and gets boards tho. In my experience if you want a point forward at pf go AK tho


AK is free and I could cash Jamison in for 100 K. Tough decisions haha.

I kind of felt like Jamison struggled against guys running Twin Towers.

AK is a 2 or 3. I can’t run him at 4. Outrebounded like crazy

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Yep that’s exactly why I sold him too, looks so damn tiny like Chris Webber. Still love cwebb in this game. If only he could speed boost

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Both are better at 2/3.

Get a “real” PF like Davis, KG or KP.


That’s kind of where I’m at with it. Both can’t play PF and AK is better as a 2/3.

When I had Antawn I ran him at 3

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