AK47 Takeover Options

Does anyone have something other than sharp/rim protector on their Kirilenko? I use D’Antoni. Obviously want to keep the sharp part; just wondering if there are other options, especially with one of the steal shoes.

Casey w/ red Kyries gets him sharp/shot creator


I have extra Kyries, but no Casey. Do you have D’Antoni to test, too?

Dantoni and red kyries is sharp/rim

He remains a sharp/rim protector with d’antoni and red Kyries.

Thanks, thanks. I think the steal boost might be more important to me than trying to snatch ankles.

Diantoni with the white and Pink Adidas give him sharp/shot. Plus a 90 speed with ball, 99 steal, and 86 post fade.

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That’s the shoe I was going to put on him! Thanks; great to hear!

Red kyries exactly what I got on him with dantoni. Good to know

Confirmed: shot/sharp with white/pink Adidas and D’antoni. Shout out @Xzclaimer. New kind of monster!

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And they look nice on him.

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Sharp Glass
I think Kobe Mid white with D antoni


I have a lot of guys with that shoe. I think it would be at least double the price if it were a Nike.

Exactly. That shoe is so versitle. I think I have like 5 guys with that shoe.