AK47 Owners

I just picked up an AK47 for 22k and was thinking about putting a curry on him. But I’m hesitant to do it because I think we may get another Paul George. How does he play say compared to Malone?

He’s a bucket getter no lie, he’s one of the best diamonds out there in my opinion. Really underrated card

I wouldn’t waste a Curry on him man save it

for who though lol? barely any cards coming out that actually utilize every stat to the fullest like this AK47

Somebody that can be a main option

Id try find one with currys for the extra 50k. Those shoes are less common then PD. Value that shoe haha.

I just sold one tonight for 95k

The guy is a monster, he’s one of those cards that just does the perfect unexpected thing to help you win

One game I went for a block on 98 Kobe… Kirilenko one hand grabbed it out of the air and landed with it curled under his arm like he just punked on a 5 year old…I have never ever seen that before

Best glue guy card I’ve used this year. Nothing he can’t do, especially with SWB Currys.

He’ll defend anyone, knock down open jumpers, and works very well as a secondary ball handler in the PnR and fast break.

AK47 is buckets when iso’d against smaller or slower defenders (can’t cook anyone really outside of a simple hesi or cross drive as his behind the back dribble is stupid slow), he’s at his best in transition his rebound ratings are great and he can grab the board and lead the charge on the fast break and his passing ratings are good and with gold dimer, posterizer, difficult shots and relentless finisher he’s going to turn so many good defensive possessions into buckets.

I love him. However I haven’t had nearly as much success running him at the 3 as the 4 since he doesn’t have the dribble animations to get his own shots against top level 3s, however if you posted him up I’d wager he’d do quite well.

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