AK47 now or wait?

So Im about 190 cards away from getting him. Since picking up DR J I sold all my highend cards for the mt. Do you guys think it’s wise to go get AK47. I feel like it would take about a 100k or more to go get him. But at this point In the game should I or just wait for the better cards coming out?

Get him and sell back but prices high right now so wait for next drop

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I was thinking that. Has that’s gonna be the last card I try to collect

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80 cards away. The struggle is real

Sold back after getting ak47

Sitting at 430k mt now

Mostly sold jerseys and moments

I got lots of locked sets tho so I couldn’t sel back all

Man that grind hurts, still 186 go…fml

Playbooks etc. above 1500…

It’s a lot of work. A lot (if you care about stretching that Mt) but AK is a very solid card that still has a place in almost any lineup.

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Meanwhile I passed the point of return :rofl:

186 to go
135k MT left

So I have to stretch a bit …

Currently i am grinding free agents and weekly challenges

TTO f@cks me up

I’m not looking forward to the day I have to boot him off my lineup

That day he will get a pink diamond

The wait is over. Finally got him. And I never want to have to do that ever again. Props to all you who work the auction house, that is not for me!

Imagine going for Webber and JR

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I couldn’t. That’s a full time job. No time to play the game

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77 left.

Why there is no filter function at the AH to sort out all cards you already own???

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Shit is no joke seriously. I almost quit halfway to JR lmao

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Nope they don’t make it easy. I usually broke it down by max prices and do short increments and check then go back and adjust the prices up a little bit then check again. But if your trying to do it all in one day there’s no method to the madness that will help. But at least when your done you can sell everything back and stock up on mt

Got him fml now my brain cells are ripped

What Badges should I use for him?

Limitless for sure.
Do you have some prooven ideas?

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DRD, bruiser and ankle breaker, along with limitless. The rest is whatever your play style is. Great card. Enjoy.

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Congrats man! I’m around 50 cards away. On Switch I can’t pick anything up below 2k at this point. Should have him by the end of the week, can’t afford to splash on too many cards.

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Bruiser for sure as well