AH Scroll slowed down

AH Scroll slowed down again … and even more than it was originally. Have anyone noticed that? Or that just me, appeared after the last patch


Then I can’t get what’s the point of doing that, I mean firstly 2k decided that scroll was too slow and speeded him up but then made it even slower

When the super packs went up mine was excruciating. Checked a few hours ago and it was better but not amazing at all. Shit is ridiculous

Targeting the sniper’s with this change , they wanna bore them to death

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They really want people to buy vc nah nah I’m quitting this shit once my Mt sold

If that’s the case , I am sure like 80 percent of the community leaves , very few normal adults playing this game

All you gotta do is try to snipe through fliters, this takes away the luck but as long as you have your filters set right you still can be alright

They making it so scroll sniping Is not existent. Looks like hard scooping is the only way of sniping efficiently now

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Low price filter sniping is hella competitive though. I like to scroll once in awhile to see what people are missing. I only scroll sniped last year, I miss that shit.

That’s one of the best forms

I was scrolling the auction to get the last couple of cards for jr then I noticed the scrolling was slower and as a result missed a lot of snipes. Unless your hard scooping specific cards scroll sniping isn’t really as efficient as past games