AH question

*What is the maximum amount of cards that can be posted at a time. I opened a basic league pack and wasnt able to send two things to the auction and had to quick sell a player and jersey. I tried to restart the game but it took me right back to the pack opening again.
Is there a better way to handle this type of situation in the future. I have most of the players,jerseys,balls,logos,courts and coaches does this mean I cant open say a 20 pack box without having to quick sell a lot of the things I have when the AH gets full?

50, that includes cards that you havent auctioned, but stored in AH.

So once it hits 50 what are my options. Say Im opening a 20 pack box and Im on like pack 14, can I stop and clear out cards?

If you cant store them, i think the only option other then sending to collections to quick sell? I think, i dont buy boxes. Easy math bro, if you think you will run out, out of space, just quick sell cheap things like jersesy, courts and etc, so you wont need to lose players.

No, quicksell the things with the smallest margin between quickselling and auctioning. Let’s say you get a cheap sapphire like Lowry or Adams it is smarter to quicksell him for 600 MT instead of auctioning him for 900 MT. Jerseys are often worthless quickselling but you can easily sell them for 1k+.
Best thing would be to not buy boxes but if you want to buy boxes it would be smart to wait till you have enough space in your auction house.


Thanks for the advice

What about auction outcomes, is that part of the 50 or is it its own 50 or is it unlimited?

you can have as many outcomes as you want, but if you have 50 auctions bids, you cant claim any auction outcomes until you down to 49 bids.


In case it’s not obvious, use outcomes esp to store stuff you want to hold on term for appreciation. Get them to Outcomes by listin them for a BIN you’d be happy with after anticipated appreciation.

Actual AH inventory should be saved for stuff you want to sell in near term. Because of the slow scrolling, I send “hold assets” to Outcomes even when I have plenty of space in standard inventory.

And also remember that Consumables can be stacked in 20’s.

Thanks, yeah I’ve already had to make stacks of contracts, dimer, deep range Deadeye, and defensive stopper badges.