AH house updates

Since some of us are at work, could we get some price check updates on the new boys and the sought after old boys on the AH

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Baylor 3k Draymond 12k Kobe looks more expensive than magic currently

I figured Kobe would start out higher. Crazy Dray already that low crazy. i mean he has HOF defensive stopper.

You should cop. I’m starting him over PD Blake

Oh if he is 12k when I get off he will be on my team. His defensive stats are crazy and he can shoot the 3.

Unbelievable passing stats too

That card is a Diamond easily. If gem was a Diamond he would be 250K

Compare his total attributes to pink diamond reward cards… disgusting

Passing stats mean nothing lmfao. He will still have dumb passing animations and throw the ball out of bounce occasionally

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Can anyone tell me what a D. Granger and the 95 Gold uni Lebron are running?

Granger is a billion MT, Gold LeBron is 100K BIN here and there

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Thanks for the Lebron update.

230k for granger right now on pa4

Hope he is around the same on Xbox

What draymond for 12k. Thats a fucking steal.

realistically if draymond was a diamond with same exact stats and badges hed be a 100k BIN #perception

What’s Magic ending at rn on XB1?

Tons of easy draymond snipes right now. Saw at least 10 go up for 5-7k, got 3 of them

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Anyone? lol