AH down for maintenance

You don’t say? Wow they actually doing an AH maint nearly by the end of game :upside_down_face:


Was to put a bid on a card too lol

That’s funny I’m on it…

Yea came here just seen

Ok booted out lol

I LOL’d:

What message does it show?

Right in the middle of a tmac snipe I think I still got him only time will tell

Just put a GO KG up 2 minutes ago…

It would be unaffected tho cuz noones bidded and should be up in 4 hours. I put up my moments kawhi too lol

My internet down too apparently, what a coincidence

Damn. Should have bid on PG13 :smile:

Funny thing is that I had just noticed that the phantom auction glitch seemed to have been fixed?

you know the normal gaming companies announce things like that days before hand so people can adjust to it.


Damn I should’ve put a bid on BRoy with a contact and shoe but I played a TTO game instead. Could’ve got him for 100k bid probably.

They actually did this time but it was 3 hours ago and they didnt say what time lol whos spamming ah? Lol

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I wonder if 2k is about to add some packs too for 4th of july.

2k about to fix their servers before the biggest end game cash grab of the year. Duos and warriors packs lol


I feel like it would have froze everything instead of bids actually ending. When it goes back on it will be at the same time to the AH. People that are awake could have opportunities on things ending potentially but that seems like it to me