Agent Zero Prices

Why is his diamond so cheap already?

Because he has two PD’s

Because there’s a ton of people RIPPING


PD Limited 400k maybe 450k
PD unlimited 250-300k
Diamond bin
Final price predictions

I have one of the first 10 limited PDs listed on Xbone, I’ll post what he goes for.

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First one isclose to 600k on xbox

Bid on mine lol

I hope you right about the limited one

I’m going based off KAJ prices

whats the expected resting price for his diamond?

Diamond is going to increase like crazy. Park release and only out for 3 days. Anything lower than 70k is a profit easy.

I’m glad to have flipped the diamond Gilberts for 90k per. Doubt it’ll recover especially once 2k anni series 2 start coming

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me too, I hope it will be 600k+

Bench point guard the move for him too small to start

No idea what to expect. There’s like 33% less than Kareem, but he’s a little short, but he’s a card like Roy that may sell for a premium.

All I know is he’s 6’3 and just sort of decent defensively, that ain’t going to cut it for me.

I will pay up to 700k for the regular PD lol

Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that the 247th best player of all time has a PD signature series?


Very popular though

My boy Hibachi getting slandered like he didn’t consistently shoot game winners and walk off the court to the locker room before it splashed.


Everyone has been dying for a Gilbert card for years now. What better way for 2k to stuff it’s pockets than a signature series