Agendas not counted

I am trying to do the agendas for rex chapman 5 assists in ttoff and dell curry layups and they are not being counted. Anyone else is having issues with agendas?


I got all of them done with no problems. The Rex ones. Don’t know about the second one you mentioned.

I know a guy who is having problem with richardson unlimited minutes too

It is weird if challenges are glitched only for some people.

Also the Tyronn Hill domination rebounds didn’t count for me :man_facepalming:

bro thats bad…i am waiting for the “win the weekend” to do that for him, there is always at least 1 dom game required there

the spur player steal didnt count when i used bowen for some reason, had to use another spur player for that

something is going on… I played 8 TTO games with melo, scored well over the 55pts and it says only 7pts, which is what I scored in the first game… so sometime after 3:20am EST, the xp stopped counting

I had 43 with him. Played one more domination game and got 9 rebs and it still shows me he has 43.

Some agendas count and some don’t. So frustrating

yeeee im doing 3s with hawkins and they aint counting lol

da fuq

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the layups with hawkins are counting in TT, see if those work ? now we need a spreadsheet for what works and what doesn’t lol… like how does this get fucked up??

Daily are fine for me.

I didnt count me JRich’s minutes and Spurs’s assists.

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Yeah daily were fine for me too

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Clark Kellogg not working for me damn

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phil chanier’s not working


I’ve done the Jrich minutes and Hill rebounds in dom ant they both haven’t counted

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Pretty sure only daily challenges are working right now. If anyone sees they fix it please tell us I’m not grinding for nothing until then :upside_down_face:

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Daily worked fine for me as well as some others in domination (Chapman layups and 3s) but then I went to TT offline and didn’t get credit for Sabonis points in the paint or Chapman assists. I did get Sabonis rebounds though. So annoyed

can confirm that too

My TT offline stats are not being counted this morning.

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