Aftermath Of The Token Update

The market will never recover… shout out to all those who invested in Webber :joy:


I was about to buy one the other day. then bought packs and pulled blake…

And now blakes up for 12 hours with these packs up in the Token market…
I took a L

I told you. What did I tell you? Didn’t I tell you? Cause I told you! Mm-hmm! And when did I tell you? A long time ago. And what did I say would happen when I told you? Exactly what just happened


Lol nice family guy reference


You sound like HTB every week :joy:


I can’t wait to watch your video on this.

I mean i specifically called the webber card shooting up in value with duo packs and have said maybe 5 times since then that 2k will find some way of over-saturating the market with rashard lewis cards with Chris webber the most likely card to shoot up in value! as he won’t ever be in super packs


Tell me this, is Anthony Edwards gonna become the gatekeeper ?

Nah, Zion is a 6’6 Blake! Just like the takeover cards wont significantly increase as scottie isn’t that sought after


yo probably not anthony edwards. maybe even hampton/cole/onyeka, those werent in any packs after the next packs

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In this house we love market crashes

Is Webber really gonna cost a haul now?

Yeah very true you say that in every video I was just talking about HTB doing that every week after content drops lol

What do you you think is next? Is this bait just to have goat cards in a few days ? I think ur content is great btw

I think we prob see goat cards in the token market if there is another update. I don’t think there will be an update if we don’t see one this week (Unless 2k just makes a massive token update as last day content)


I hope this happens can’t wait longer for 2k to milk more it’s almost the end of July lol

Proud Webber investor here


Mean while I’m over here tokenless hoping they don’t wait till the week before 2k21 is out to add 99 pg Giannis to this hordious game :sweat_smile:

Webber is now pointing at all who doubted his rise.


Paid 120k for Showtime shaq, sold it for 340k :money_mouth_face:

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Should’ve gotten Showtime Shaq while I had the chance smh :tired_face: