After the KG promo, who are your top 5 at each position?

Based only on players I’ve used (from left to right)

PG: 97 Magic, 99 Harden, 99 Oscar, 98 West, 99 Lonzo
SG: 98 TMac, 98 Vince, 97 Ray, 97 Kobe, 96 Booker
SF: 98 KD, 97 LeBron, 97 Pippen, 95 LeBron, 97 Dr. J
PF: 97 Bird, 98 Webber, 97 AD, 96 Jokic, 97 Bosh
C: 98 Hakeem, 98 KAJ, 97 Dirk, 95 Cousins, 93 Porzingis

Again only from players I’ve used! So don’t say ‘ERHEMAHERDDD 99 MELO IS WAYTRTR BETTERS THAN LEBRON ARGHHH’ because I can’t determine that because I haven’t used 99 Melo.

Also some guys might be higher in their natural position, but I’m including them where I personally prefer to use them.

What are yours?

People sleep on 96 Jokic at PF, love him, gets hella boards, hella assists and hella 3s, what a player

Funny thing is, PF has been a trouble spot for me, and even though how good I know he is, I didn’t consider picking him back up to play there. I could easily sell KAJ and get him, and another affordable card to play at center like Porzingis. Might do this…

PG Lebron
SG Durant
SF Oscar
PF Worthy
C Dirk

Trust me, I’ve never even batted an eye, after i sniped Diamond boogie for 50k with a Diamond 3 point shoe, He’s been my center for 2 months now, 98 3pt is no joke

1 Wade…PD Harden
2 Tmac… Havlicek
3 KD… 97 PG/LeBron tie
4 AD/Kemp tie… Worthy
5 Boogie with diamond shoe… Hakeem

That’s what I’ve got on Hakeem. DMC with a 3PT shoe is basically a not-so-poor man’s Hakeem with a 3PT shoe

Jokic’s my starting PF with Shaq at C. I thought his speed would be an issue but hes fine. That corner 3 is cash all day, he’s usually bigger than the opposing PF so I smother them down low and I also like to show off the HOF Dimer and run a few possesions with him. Great card especially for the price, and his size isn’t as big as a deal as if he was a C against the giants. I keep fighting to start Boogie over him at PF but I like Jokic as a stretch 4 with Boogie backing up either C/PF spot.