After months passing how are we feeling about the new unlimited mode now?

Personally i disliked it at first but i like the change now

U get some rewards every tier …Amy onwards seems good . But most people ain’t getting past diamond imo. Very sweaty compared to before


There are two things missing for me. First of all, 2k should give you a player reward for every tier, or at least from ruby onwards, besides the main reward. Maybe someone doesn’t want to grind all the way to Opal and will be satisfied with the reward.

The second one is def the ability reset progress on the last tier.


the should give out more rewards. fifa ultimate team mode gives out loads of coins for much lower level tiers and with those coins you can get some good players. 2k should give us more for each tier. I haven’t sniffed pink diamonds tier yet. only diamond tier once.


It’s super unnecessary to have to play 65+ games for a card that is typically outdated within a week.

The tier rewards are ok but they could be better than the amethyst/Diamond players we’re getting now


They need repeatable rewards after getting the top reward. Literally no 5v5 mode worth playing after you go 12-0 unless you just wanna screw other people over.

I’m thinking maybe another league just for people who have gone 12-0 by having the POTM as a requirement to enter.


It’s way too long. I like the reward boxes though.

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Getting mchale already I got both diamond Scottie and bosh, 4 diamond contracts , 2 hof badges and that’s not counting all the good gold badges Amy players so it’s worth it IMO

Outside of the level-up prize (player at opal or prize packs which are good), you should get more for winning a single game than just MT. Make it like limited where ya also get a chance at a pack, token, player, etc. Maybe do a ball drop.

I get so many quits I don’t even get XP, and a few nickles of MT for 15-20 min of playing makes it not very rewarding, esp if you already have McHale or don’t care about him.

Shorten it to 4 min quarters as well. Many run just 5 players and since 2K isn’t going to address stamina, there’s no point to running more than 5 esp with all-Opal teams about to be the norm in a month or so.,


Last year my main goal was to go 12-0 or die trying, and I finally did it in around the first week of the final month.

This year it’s just too damn long, too damn hard. There’s too many other things to do. Plus I wanna play other games as well. In the first month I got to diamond tear I don’t think I’ve gone passed ruby since. And I’m not really trying to.

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Man this month has been wayyyy harder than other months… only until today I’ve been getting matched up with some Ruby and amethyst teams… but I think that there’s so many good cards out now that people can just do leaners with anyone lol

Besides that, I think I like it, 65 games is a lottttt perhaps maybe cut it down to 40 or at least make the rewards better, give us diamonds on amethyst and pink diamonds too, and the ability to keep going on opal tier to win HOF badges or something

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Lol I went 12-0 only once in 2k20 and got all the rewards in september I think. Don’t worry, you’ll get them all eventually. But if you’re on a budget and need them right now then I can see that being a problem for you.

Tired of matching up with teams 10x better than mine that 2-3 offball in silver league. At this point I only play against friends