After christchurch attack, a new hero is born

We got a new hero, for ppl who didn’t saw this go check this it’s funny as hell. Call him egg boy

This politician said after the attack , the reason why this shooting happen is because of the immigration in new zeland and if muslim are today the victim, they are usualy the author of attack like this.


Maybe it’s his birthday Haha
WTF Eggboy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

He tought he was doing something good for him, thinking his brain needs more protein

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well, politician was quite right with his statement

he is just bringing more hatred between ppl and just trying to take advantage of attack like this

This ain’t it chief.


50+ people died at the hands of a man with a gun… But immigration is responsible? Not the cunt with the gun?


i think he saying if their was no muslim in new zeland they couldn’t get killed or kill ppl. That’s kinda fuck up to think like this nowdays.

But i respect every one opinion no matter what

The sound you hear when the egg hits, you can hear that sound when you hit it to a stone.

Yeah I seen this. The real problem is that a grown man didn’t hesitate to hit a kid


yeah he look even more dumb after this, and if you look closer the kid is trying to punch back… and the other guy who is smothered the kid like this kid is a threat

Assaulting people is not the answer. If you have to resort to physical violence then you’re in the wrong.

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Im not saying that immigration is responsible, im saying he is quite right. Every month there are terror attacks that kills over 50+ people, just not in white people countries so they are not on mainstream media. Those people (terrorist) they want attention, to be heard and seen, so they are trying to expand to other countries. Some of the countries have easier immigration status and in those countries now we see terror attacks (France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden). Some countries like New Zealand and Australia have strict immigration, so the terror attack was never heard in there.
What I was saying, the problem is NOT a religion, race, but easy immigration to these countries, so people with bad intentions can get to those countries.

The shooter was a white Australian… Gunning down Muslim people.

How dare people to come to a country and practice their religion peacefully in a place specifically build for that purpose.

Those people will be missed, I know at least 1 person that this world could live without.

Everything is global now, you can’t stop immigration and stopping it isn’t the solution. The result would be a world stripped of freedom, that’s not a world I wanna live in. I am not saying immigration shouldn’t be regulated, the problem is bad people always find a way and in order to stop those 0.0001 % of radicals the other 99.9999% would have to give up too much “freedom” and that’s not worth it.

He was in Europe, during those attacks and when the Muslin with truck run into crowd in Sweden. After that incident he started planning revenge.
In this case, it is countries fault, that mentally ill people can get guns so easily.

What I meant to say, that the countries with more easy immigration status(Europe) has more problems than those who have strict immigration status (Australia, NZ). It is not about race or religion, it is about immigration and control.

Limiting political topics, especially where people don’t see eye to eye.