After 2k20 download

The game has to install after download the 70GB file right? Before its playable. For example, in 2k17 i opened the 50gb game and i could only play the tutorial till it installed.

So how can i check how far it has been installed if i cant open it till tomorrow?


Yep lol

If you have pre-ordered it should pre-download and you will be able to play it instantly. I don’t think there will be a further delay

Thats what i thought in 2k17 so im leaving my ps4 on tonight even tho its downloaded just in case.

Not if you got the disc

It’s still gotta install via game and not on the hard drive

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Ahh yeah if you’ve got the disc then you’re right it’ll do another download

Bro just put your PS4 in rest mode for the download you’ll be aight. It’ll download faster

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Even on the 2k20 demo after i downloaded it, it had to install once i opened it. Im hoping, it’ll install by itself because its a bigger file.