After 18h Finaly!

At last i got AK 47
Now the boring part Is to sell back all the 750 cards i have buyed
But i think i have to wait next week because of PD giannis incoming.


sell them now b4 he drops

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Dont i have enough Time to sell all but some

I start with the jersey
So if guys need some i have all

Start with silvers and heat checks. Worth the most mt

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So how much MT did it take for your to get it done?
How many collections did you lock?

I needed 750 cards and it cost me almost 600k Mt but i also have the 250 tokens so 4 Diamond players more in my team.
I dont lock sets to resell

Don’t selling man, wait a week.
You’ll earn a lot of MT when this craziness gone a bit.

I sell only Jersey today to recouvert some mt

im really having a conflict about what to do
on one side i’d like to go online and play MTU with newer, better cards and on the other side i feel like i want to beat the game by getting the rewards. Since im budgetballing i cant have the best of both worlds :smiley:

with, what it seems like, the biggest market crash to come, it might be even easier to reach those 1000 cards.
550-600 cards with 500k mt to spend

yea no point selling now as everything is dirt cheap you wont get your MT back


Congrats man! I’m 81 cards from Webber and absolutely dreading the impending sell-off, it is going to take weeks.


Don’t want to go for Chris because not enough mt
For the sellback it doesn’t matter if i lose 200k because for this price i have unlock 5 Diamonds players so for it worth the invesment and time

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Agreed, the depreciation is what it is and at least you have the reward cards in exchange.

Almost all cards are selled back and i have buyed back Kobe and PD Kaj and waiting to sell last cards to but BigO
So for me its a Big win
AK 47
4 Diamond rewards
PD Kaj

For 600k insvest