Aew ppv was amazing

It was actually one of the best ones I seen in a long time. I’ll be at the Cincinnati show Wed. Cm punk Adam Cole Rudy soho and the American dragon what a show. The worst match of the night was still a decent match with Y2J winning.

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The young buck vs lucha bro was the best match I have seen in a long time. Instant classic. Even the womens battle royal was a very top notch match. Can’t wait to see it in person this Wednesday in Cincinnati.

Great PPV. Did everything right. Wished the QT Marshall vs Paul Wight match was on the pre show but it served its purpose for calming the crowd for the main event

Definitely they wanted a buffer but lucha bros and the young buck stole the show.

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Side note.
As someone that liked watching DaParty on the wwe Up Up Down Down gaming channel, I am going to miss Adam Cole on there.

Glad he is in a better place for his career. I am sure WWE was promising him stuff just to keep him away from AEW. Like most NXT guys they probably would have wasted him on the main roster. And then he is stuck there chasing the 24/7 title like an idiot.

Great AEW show. They have tremendous momentum right now.

Ngl, I’m getting pretty close to switching over to AEW full time. There’s only a handful of WWE guys i care about anymore (Roman, Riddle, Keith Lee, Lashley, AJ Styles,and i honestly think that might be it).

i really only watch the WWE PPVs now. I never thought I’d see the day, but I think WWE is in serious, serious trouble. Besides a one off Rock appearance, they don’t really have any more chess moves to make. There aren’t any big new stars to come in.