AEW Games Hype Thread

Forgot about this happening today. With WWE 2K20 being so ass its nice for 2K to have some competition in something.

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time for EA announce a new nba live too


Super hype, the only thing I would be disappointed with is if they announce ONLY a mobile game.

Even if they announced like a mobile game coming soon and a full simulation game in the future I wouldn’t be upset. So much potential out of AEW.

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Hope they release something as fun as No Mercy

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Supposedly the new game will run on the same engine as No Mercy so I think you will be happy

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Kenny Omega mentioned that he wanted to use the AKI engine for a wrestling game, not sure if that was confirmed tho.

I think that original company is gone now so I’m not sure how that would work. That being said if there’s anyone I’d trust to produce a good wrestling game it’s Kenny Omega.

Their console game looks like all stars

Look like remasted No Mercy somethings