Advices about Marcus Smart

I don’t have a back up PG and I was thinking about picking up Marcus Smart. Is he good? (playing with Amy Kawhi currently)

Yep hes my backup

His amythest last year was amazing, his diamond this year looks good, doesn’t have the 3pt like his Amy from last year, but smart has one of the easiest releases in the game, so hitting 3s with him shouldn’t be a problem

Tap circle 3 times on defense for an acrobatic flop :rofl:


Do you also get to hear horse sounds while he’s doing it? Maybe jump on someone’s back.

That’s L2 + L1 + Triangle just before he shoots.

It would be fun if 2k released some sort of a clown card at the end of the year. PD current Barkley or a mascot or something. Just to throw them in if the game gets out of hand.

They already did sometime ago,

Hof charge card :joy: