Advice Thread

Need advice or help with something not related to 2k, ask here. I have seen a billion other threads but I wanted to make one that is a safe space.
No clowning.

What do I get my younger brother who is a brand new basketball fan for christmas. Maybe a ball or a jersey?

How much younger? Appropriate sized hoop and ball?

ye we have a hoop, hes 8 so he uses a 27.5

I say ball, hes young and will grow quickly and if you get him a jersey he might grow out of it quickly.

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I see, and jerseys cost way more. We had a 27.5 but it is ruined now

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shooting with a 27.5 is like shooting with a soccer ball

yes, so it makes sense to get him a ball then, are you going to get a specific team or just a normal ball?

prolly just a normal, I found a UNC colored ball at target

cool ive gtg good luck ball hunting!

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Basketball jerseys are pretty cheap if you are willing to buy one of a player who isn’t with that team anymore. If you go to and go to the “clearance” section and search basketball jerseys, you can find adult sized replicas for 20 to 40 dollars and kid sizes for under 20. I collect jerseys and buy them all the time. They are the cheapest sports jerseys around.

Rly under 20? Pls send links

all I see are LBJ clevelands, Blake LACs, and KP Knicks

and he hates lebron

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Well…under 20 is for kids sized jerseys. Here is a link to Men’s size replicas for around 24:

and here is the link to kids sized jerseys