Advice on market crash

Try not to jump with your MT on seemingly cheap stuff, market will continue to crash thru the day, it will be interesting to see what are the pack odds (this is easy to observe based on how many new cards are out in AH), try to stick only to true snipes that are completely safe and wont harm your MT balance, no one want to get back from shop with no items and empty pocket! Happy hunting!

Just observe and buy really really cheap stuff. Things like Amys could crash down HARD (or not), depending how things go, just be patient and you will grow MT in stacks :slight_smile:


Do you keep backing in and out of MyTeam at noon Eastern to get the packs to update?

Count the 20th PD… If there are more than 100+ in the market now we “talkin’ about practice”.
You can start practising with your mt.

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Yah i think so, dont remember, actually.