Advice on lineup going into S9

With Season 9 about a week and a half away, wanted to get some thoughts on my current lineup:

  • Waiting for the end-game option packs to come out and looking to get EG PF Kareem and EG Tacko to upgrade the starting 4 and 5

  • Thinking about locking in for EG Wilt (missing Bill Russell) for the backup 4 or finishing off collector level to get EG Dirk (have about 1.3k cards collected so far) or going for someone like invincible KP or keeping Ralph

Have about 1 mill MT to work with and if I give up on getting EG Dirk/EG Wilt I should have more, any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

I think everyone is waiting for the EG option pack to give a lift to their team, but we really do not know what they will release. It sounds like you are too far away to get Dirk. wilt is almost too easy not to get, but it does not sound like one of the best guards.
Upgrading your team depends on how you like to play. Personally, I rather have EG Magic, who is not too expensive, than either Luka or Jordan, but I would also start Jokic above Luka as well. If you want a great, and cheap, non EG shooter, get McGrady. Kawhi I like better than Giannis as an all around great defender and shooter. I used signed Yao in front of Sampson, but I did find a cheap one with 7-8 extra HOF badges before I got the EG version.


Are we sure we get a new season?
All the big names they already released. I don’t now what’s left for a new season

there is still room for several EGs in season 9 - on the top of my head:

  • Steph
  • Klay
  • Larry
  • KG
  • AK47 (unless released tomorrow)
  • Hakeem
  • Ray Allen
  • Big O


We got an extra season last year shortened when we weren’t expecting one.

last season is basically an open-ended season (no expiration) - no further/weekly updates or drops/contents. basically they will update the rewards (on tto, unlimited, clutchtime), and put drops like invi+end game cards. no regular updates like the normal seasons

I’m in for a new season. But I’m not sure these names will sell.