Advice on best possible lineup

Hey so I was just thinking , do you think there are any better options I can plug in to improve my squad in any way ? Just wanna hear some opinions (I promise this isn’t a flex lol)

Ja Morant
Mariah Carey’s ex boyfriend
AD “I don’t wanna play center” Davis
The Process



Extended bench

I want to get a defensive minded combo guard that can come off the bench at PG or SG equally effective, someone like diamond Larry Hughes but with more badges …ideally someone who can guard the bigger PGs like Jalen Rose etc

Lucas for PF? If you have him.

Have no idea who’s the exboyfriend tho :smiley:

Grant Hill, you must be under 25 lol and unfortunately I don’t have Lucas yet but I’ll probably be grabbing him in beyond level 40

Issel is the shit badged out with a shoe. Sold my Lebron so Issel can start. Made 331k

Really ? But LeBron is a great penetrator , is Issell ? What can Issel do at an elite level except shoot ? Legit question

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I was bored so I’ve been messing with some cards and lineups I don’t usually use. Lebron is GREAT at penetrating but once I gave Issel an honest chance there was no reason to keep Lebron. Issel does not barrel in like Lebron does but plays D the same and can shoot. He also is a vacuum for rebounds. Lebrons price tag just to high for a slasher imo

Ok but is he as versatile as a defender ? LeBron can guard any 3 or 4, can Issell ? Is Issell the equivalent of a cone in the front court ? That’s what I got from your summary…also from initially reading the above , I get the sense ur saying Issell is a better rebounder , is that the case ?

Imho yes he is just as versatile. Crazy because Lebron is a lot faster but Issel moves smoother. I haven’t gone up against AD with him yet but I put him on Derozan, Kawhi, Towns, AK etc and he had no problem.

And yes he gets better rebound animation than Lebron

Also side note. Issel was great before I badged him up. First badge I put on him was HZH and man he was banking 3 in left and right. HZH def S tier badge

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Does he have hot zones all the way around the perimeter ? I think I’ve banked in less than 5 shots from 3 all year lol and I have 5 out of 5 guys in the starting lineup have HOF HZH

Yea he only has 1 gray area and thats top left under the 3. Def was noticeable on him.

Honestly I’ve been running all rewards lineup past few nights and am 7-0 lol.

PG - Baron
SG - Booker
SF - Derozan
PF - Issel
C - Yao

Bench is Tatum, Iverson, Lucas, Xman

You have Issel, Xman and Lucas lol man I wish I had such a luxury , but I was able to snap Mariah Carey’s ex boyfriend for 130k last night , and he’s just better than Tatum in almost every way, although not by much. The next goal is to upgrade Meriah Careys ex boyfriend to a HOF sniper version of him, I find this is the most rare badge to find on any players which needed to have it added , so it will probably take me some time to find 1 like that

Lol yea man, I have two Issesl’s. Bro I rode D Hill until his wheels fell off. 130k for him sounds like a steal. Yea I’m always putting good badges on cards I think I want to keep and I just wind up selling them. I put HOF sniper on Lebron which got me 331k. Just wish you could remove those badges and keep them. Hindsight Would rather put them on my rewards cards since you can’t sell them

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I am not, just not American and not following celebrities a lot :smiley:

he looks awesome though

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Lol it’s just a joke, I don’t follow celebrities at all, it’s just that Grant Hill was maybe 1 of the most marketable basketball players of all time …never been in trouble with police, never any infidelities that were public…dude was too good to be true lol and Meriah Carey is now known as abit if a weirdo because everyone knows she’s good looking but never had a stable marriage and her most famous husband was her first (grant hill) , she’s been married to more wealthy guys since but I don’t even know their names , so I just like to call Grant that because it’s the only bad thing I have to say about him lol (I’ll admit there was a time than I would’ve for sheezy got down with Meriah) but I’ve gotten older and wiser since , I would only do it for material reasons now lol

Not gonna lie I had a door sized poster of Mariah in a skimpy silver dress on my wall when I was younger :joy:

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My man lol I would’ve too if I ever saw a poster of her to buy, I always had a thing for older women as well, even when I was in my early 20s lol, she was the epitome of a milf in her days imo, and she actually had a beautiful voice as well imo …no shame in your game homie :)…

Edit…out if curiousity …was there ever a moment where you had a lady friend over in said room with the Meriah Carey poster and you maybe we’re getting intimate or something else and she made a comment on the poster ? If that happened , surely you would rememeber lol

Lmfao. No but I did have a girl, who came over often, make a comment. So I had to choose between Mariah and some tail. You damn well know what I did. Mariah went on the back of my closet door :sunglasses:


Demar over Tatum!?

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Yea man Derozan is legit. Scores in all three phases and D is top tier. Absolutely love his card. I like Tatum coming off the bench so I can play him like a point forward and run my offense through him

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understand, I have both but just prefer the other way around. Tatum is a beast and Demar brings in that boost when I need the bench to come in. Just bit surprised as there’s not many who would start Demar over Tatum:)