Advanced "tactic": mimic & fake

So a lot of you might do it already naturally, but for some this might open a new way to look at things.

In order to get as many open looks as possible I like to observe the tendencies of my opponent on offense to use it against him when he is defending.
Because people go for fakes more when they would take the shot you are faking. For example, most Limitless chuckers are more prone to jumping on defense on those shots,you can just step in and take the wide open mid.

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Crossover to fake use the screen it’s 80% they would go over and be beaten of the dribble

Thats what i do, if i get J.R alone on the fastbreak i stop at the 3 pt line for a quick second and once he jumps i drive for the flashy dunk

You can do it with almost everybody, because most people shoot 30+ 3s a game. I even shoot under 5 in some games.

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