Advanced Defense advice required

Hey guys,

I am working on my defensive scheme, which is closer and closer to perfection. Does anyone know how to perform an offball switch, or a “bump off”, as Steve Kerr calls it, in 2K? Or if it’s possible at all?

In the video below you see what I mean, it starts right at the point needed.

Thanks a lot!


Maybe someone better can correct me, but I do not think this brand of switching is an available setting in 2k. I think the only offball switching you can do are in the team defensive settings, and only trigger during true offball screens. This sort of preemptive switch isn’t possible.

I assume it would be really difficult to program switch logic based on proximity only. But if it’s possible to do something like this, I’d love to see how to cobble it together in settings for sure.


Watched this video the other day :sweat_smile:

Great defensive video.

But yeah, i don’t think switching offball is possible unless there is an offball screen. You can test trying to switch players manually while offball but i think that could get messy.

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I know this is part of their scheme. But it’s so unsexy to see Durant preemptively switch off lebron constantly in the finals, so steph can guard him.

I really wanted to see Durant break scheme early possession – when it seemed like Lebron was switch hunting really lazily. But I guess he was so lazy about it because of the scheme… so what are you gonna do…

Thanks a lot guys, I am of the same opinion of both of you, but wanted to try and see if someone knew more than me haha!

I assume if my PG gets switched onto the opposing C, and I manually bring my PF onto the C that will result in a double, right? My PG will never be smart enough to go onto the perimeter where my PF came from haha

I will try and experiment with the help and rotation setting and see what happens

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They will Retreat back to their original defensive assignment but chances are your opponent will score before that happens.

You know, that sort of “tag” out switch back sort of thing works sometimes.

I have terrible switch instincts, so I usually just play to fight over screens.

But when I have to swtich, I find myself trying to switch back ASAP, and you can sometimes get them to do the right thing. You kind of have to just get a feel for it. Because I definitely leave guys wide open plenty trying to do this, and it doesn’t work.

I agree! Especially because Bron can’t pull up in your face like, say Harden, another Curry/Looney switch seeker haha

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It might work if you do it the other way…run your PG to the weak side…and hope (pray!) the CPU brings the big man over. But seems like you’d be giving up a lot of open looks this way.

It’s helpful to have defensive calls on because you can see what the cpu player intends to do. For example, if they expect to go under the screen, above their head it says go under. The same for switch. The AI will call for a switch if they get caught on a screen and this pops up as will the other defensive communications. Also have a watchful eye on the defensive arrow indicating who should guard. I’ve seen the switch called and then canceled if the defense recovers and guards their man.


The Problem with this ^ is that it often gets real messy because if you react 1s too Late the AI is alrejady “locker in” on its original man and leaves the dude you guarded alone. Even though you clearly complied with the switch request. Very annoying

Not gonna work in 2k. You would think they would add in the switch method used by Kerr and stevens.

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I would love to have the “tag” switch/switch back defense stevens runs. That’s how I try and naturally play.

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When people think steph is bad on defense <<<<<<<

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Agreed, I think Steph is incredibly underrated on defense.

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He is. There is so much data to back that up too. I really dont even know how that narrative started. Hes one of the very best defensive guards in the NBA. Of course hes limited physically but he has an incredibly high BBIQ

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Yeah, anyone is gonna look bad, if they get switched onto the other team’s best offensive player constantly.

People need to watch Curry’s defense on lebron in the finals. It’s incredibly he was able to slow him down as much as he did. Curry’s BBIQ is through the roof.

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I think its just because hes usually the worst or second worst defender on the court for the warriors at all times which is REALLY saying something considering how good I think he is.

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He’s a great team defender, but since he gets scored on by the bigger, quicker guards in a 1v1 situation (where everyone gets cooked) people consider him a bad defender. Also they hate curry because he’s curry lol


Which is crazy because id say 99% of players cant guard elite scorers 1v1 lol. The guys are too big, strong, fast.

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