Advance Post play help

Hi guys.
I wanted to ask community about advance post play this year. I find it very hard to score when my big near the rim, and even when opponent behind. Tips tricks maybe video if exist.
I know all basic stuff (spins, drop steps, up and under) and Im doing them ok. But whe it is time to score problems comes. Any advice guys?

Somehow this year bigs are not dunking even when it is right time to do it, they will perform some idiotic layup and miss.

Arent you Misima from PC? The one that used to use quit glitch every time he was losing in 2k17 and 2k18.


That would be kinda shady. But maybe Misima has changed their ways.

*And 2K19.



That was fast🤓


dudes been doing this for years, that last time cost me my 9-0 run in Unlimited. it’s that last bitterness that drew me out of my years of lurking around the shadows of here/2kmt central to actually post somet.


Getem outta here :astonished:

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Does it actually kick you out of the game or just does not count game as before? Didnt play much online yet.

If u are using square in the post start with getting used to stick. It’s also easier to dunk with it. Up and under is really great this year but start it outside the box, a bit far from where u can dropstep.

This is the era message I’ve gotten before. How does this glitch work? What can I do to prevent my opponent from using it?

@DjEfx came out with the shove method last year and I mixed that in from time to time.

Lmao 2kG got no chill :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It kicks you out of TT Online/Unlimited and its a coin flip whether you get a loss or not. Had it happen to me 6 or 7 times now, about half of those games didn’t count, the other half counted as losses for me. I’ve yet to come across a way I can stop it. Takes me back to the old days of Blacktop in 2k17 when you knew it was coming as soon as you got matched against a guy with 3 Bronze players in April =/

Yeah still havent been able to finish an online game. Just playing offline till December. 2k as usual what’s new