Added Players to the Token Market question for the future?

People keep saying they will just hold there tokens and wait for 2k to add better players (Pink Diamonds) to the token market. But I doubt they would allow you to get a card above the tier you haven’t unlocked. It would mean the token market system is pointless. And would screw over the people who put it work to open the PD market.

Its no way they let someone who only say opened up just the Ruby market but are sitting on 300 token buy a PD player. Now buy a Ruby or Lower player yes but you shouldn’t be able to obtain a card above your market.

What do yall think?

I agree. There’s gonna be a riot if they let people that haven’t unlocked any tiers just purchase pink diamonds right off of the token market.

First of all… clickbait thread title.

Second of all - of course, they can add anyone to any tier but no way you could get that player without unlocking that reward tier first. I don’t think anyone ever suspected that.

Edit: Anyway… if what you’re trying to get at is, should I unlock the higher reward tiers the answer is ‘yes’. And if 2K somehow releases a token PD that you don’t need to unlock lower tiers, then I quit 2K forever.


I think the Token Market is a scam. They won’t put anything great there because people have already shown they’ll grind 24/7 for tokens.

Damn dog put a question mark at the end of this lol

Wouldn’t be the first time 2k did something like this. Last year, the rewards for completing all of the historic collections were Erving and dirk. They turned around and released two better versions of each of those players for a small fraction of the cost. So it wouldn’t surprise me to see any new players simply added directly to the token market instead of their respective tier.

i am confused by the title

I hate this thread title too btw.

Click bait god

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They’ll also grind 24/7 for Mt but the auction house is still a thing. They would still make plenty of money adding players to the tokenmarket because that means people would pay to lock in sets to get more tokens.

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Didnt mean to give yall a heart attack lol but I changed it.

There are some amazing and useful players in the token market already at every tier really. They probably won’t be too valuable come December…but for now…Pippen/EJ and pretty much all the diamonds and above are desirable players.

Never ever thought youd be able to jump tiers just because they added more selections to the token market

Instead of buying packs you will be able to buy players with tokens.

People who have grinded the tiers will get screwed, no doubt.

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There is literally a category “Token Market”.

This tier thing is just a way to kill everyone’s MT early in the season so you have to reload on VC. People were too MT rich mid-season last year. Won’t be mad if I’m wrong.


I also think putting the auction house behind a win online wall was supposed to be another way to curb sniping and astronomical coin accumulation as they probably figured if you are good enough to win online, you’re good enough to not post cards for bad values.

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Its a fact, they said it on the fb blog posts that there will be special players only on the token market. Not in specific tiers, in the token market.

For people who get the game in a few months, they are going to want to keep them engaged and have them keep locking sets. If Opal Magic is a straight exchange for 300 tokens that encourages more MT locking without it being overkill for new players.

Guess we will wait and see but I don’t think they a person buys the game at Christmas locks all the sets and buy a PD from the token market.

that’s interesting…didn’t know that. If they do things like put an OP Magic Johnson up for 300 tokens then every bronze, silver gold etc is going to hold value all season.