AD price

He is selling for 800k, this prices make me wanna sell the cards of this cover series !
Shaq plus 400 atm even Bird plus 400

800k? fuck dude. Sell him.

Yes the 2nd one above 700k on ps4!

800k? Ffs…


People really locking in T rex arms lmao


AD just ended for 862k on PS4 :joy:

Sell seems like an easy choice on that

Next one about to finish for 792k holy hell

I just put mine up. I love him but I love 800k more


Too much mt for Blake people are crazy ,
When soon we can lock sets for better GO , and hVe all these players locked on the dust of the collection :joy:
Fuck people are crazy

If you’re going to sell I’d wait til tomorrow or even more. He’s only going to keep going up as more are locked.

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sell right now

Some are diligent on visiting Veronica that’s why they don’t value MT much

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Time to Sell AD?

Damn I actually like using AD , but now I’m really thinking

Me too bro me too

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I thought the same thing but 800k :drooling_face:

This isn’t he first chance for the casuals to get an Opal

Actually I’m playing MTU right now testing different players to play at the PF removing AD from the line up.

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