AD price prediction

Predictions ?

200 - 250k tomorrow, going down to 150 after a few days

300K tomorrow

i m going with 400K

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3 ball, speed, and badges will decide. Can’t say anything w/o seeing stats.

If hes like the pd last year. Easy 400

350-400k tomorrow

AD will be better than Griffin bc of length + HoF rim pro & DS

I doubt, they will give a HoF DS to his PD card.
To GO more probably.

300k avg tomorrow, because of badging.

Nothing in this market has been able to consistently push 400 apart from Granger and Klay. So I’m going with stupid prices tomorrow and in a week or 2 it will cool off a lot to 250-300 ish.

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yah but he clearly wont be 150k lol

I’ll guess he’ll be 240k tomorrow

odds gotta be real good for him to be less than 250k

I’m guessing he’ll have around 3-5 hall of fame badges, probably lob city finisher, putback king, and rim protector at least with defensive stopper possible as well and if we’re lucky, posterizer. I’m guessing around an 80 open shot 3 no higher though, maybe a bit lower.

Depending on pull rates, I’d say around 450-500k initially down to 400k by the end of the day, 325-350 by the end of the week and comfortably 250-300k by next week.

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Looking at his Diamond from last year, I think he will have a couple more HOF badges in hindsight. Pick and roller and chase down are highly likely, maybe pick and popper too which would be awesome. I forgot how many HOFs they’ve been giving to the 20th anniversary cards.

Around 5-6

Wallace 4, MJ 7, all others 6

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Then yeah I’d say for sure chasedown, pick and roller, putback king, and rim protector. Pick and popper or defensive stopper too hopefully, and posterizer ideally. That would be 7 which isn’t too bad, same as his diamond last year. Plus since it’s series 2 we can probably expect slightly better badging

Boy was I wrong about the stats and badges lol

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What’s the updated projection now that we know the numbers? I’m up around a million MT, but I’d hate to spend half of it on one card. Even though I will lol.