AD 💎 moments

Best center in the game

Second thought… mmm nvm


Nice. Low 3 point but solid all around.

Ehh badging, be a monster inside

Decent card.

I need my PF to be a better floor spacer than this though.

And if I’m running him at center, he would also need to have a higher three ball to make up for his height.

Nothing spectacular badge-wise either.

Pass on this one.

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If that 3 pointer was 80 or at least 77, he’d be a lock for my new starting Center or at least Bench Center… 66? Yikes.


He’s badged like a back-to-the-basket center but in real life he plays like a stretch 4/5, so while it’s a solid card, you can tell 2K is holding back the killer badges for the PD and (auctionable) opal. He wouldn’t knock Cs Deke and Gilmore or PFs Lucas and LJ out of my lineup (they can both hit the 3).

This single moments are pure trash so far

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Primary center so no 3 Boost with Malone tough

Why Heat Check AD get an 83 3PT, but this one a 66? 2K for you.


Could at least give him HOF Rebound Chaser :roll_eyes:


I miss when they used to just go up a tier with moments cards. Not try to base it off the actual game.


Pulled 10 standard league packs. Best pull was Josh Hart three times.

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That’s a good point it was a 40 and 20 game getting only got hof finishing badges :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Like a mediocre one, with bronze dropstepper and post spin technician… Yikes

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This card is just taking advantage of casuals who see a DI AD and don’t see inside offense is no big deal, and nerfed by his height and not high strength. And he doesn’t make up for it with good ability to take bigs off the dribble. Which is all the harder because one isn’t afraid of his outside shooting.

Plus he’s not highly mobile as a switch perimeter defender and even his interior D ratings are lacking.

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I pulled a single and got Ingram lol

Dont let this distract you from Friday. PD spotlight reward, Magic who will be mandatory, a PD POTM and possibly a spotlight evo that goes to PD


Amy Garnett>>>


What’s spotlight? Do you get those cards for free?