AD for MVP

I know the narrative is for LBJ to win MVP etc etc, but why is everyone overlooking AD?

He’s the Lakers leader in points, rebounds, blocks, steals, FG%, FT%, and also in PER (with a very substantial lead over Lebron), OWS*, DWS, WS, DBPM and BPM. He’s basically the Lakers leader in every category besides assists.

Also, these numbers are actually lower this year for AD than those he had while in New Orleans, so it’s not like “Lebron is making him better”. So, what the deal?

OWS=Offensive Wins Share
DWS=Defensive Wins Share
WS=Wins Share
DBPM=Defensive Box Plus/Minus
BPM=Box Plus/Minus

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Why are people overlooking AD? Because Lebrons 35 and Giannis is leading MVP is he not? AD is great but its because of these 2 imo

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Yeah i agree, but it’s like a 2 horse race, no one even mentions AD in any discussion which i find really strange.

some do but where lebrons still that great and how young giannis is dominating the league thats mostly a reason.

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It’s because the media will never recognize a LeBron teammate like that. They only like to point out when lebron doesn’t have enough help to support their narrative.


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Also can add in that he’s the best defensive player on the lakers and a legit DPOY candidate. Their defense is way better compared to last year.

LeBron and AD cancel each other on the MVP case. It’s very close between both and thats why its not close between them in Giannis. If both of them were the MVPs of the league they would’ve gotten 70 wins this season

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What are the lakers records for without AD and without Bron?

I just feel like harden should be lower than people see him. I’m a fan of his play unlike many but his team is what 7th? in the west now behind a OKC team that lost their two best players. Same for Luka, they both get it done for their team but their teams aren’t really showing out strong enough for me to consider them. I guess you gotta take Giannis because two MVP like candidates on one team are always going to be seen as feeding into each other’s success and I couldn’t see someone saying lebron doesn’t deserve it if his second best was Middleton.


Harden is not an MVP candidate anymore unless he starts playing better and Rockets get up in the standings. He been dog shit for months now.

Without AD they’re 6-2, without LBJ they’re 2-2. But the games they won without AD were pretty easy besides Houston.

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No one is overlooking AD. He’s #5 on Kia MVP ladder. He’s in the running… And I don’t think any Lebron or Laker fan would be mad if AD gets it. I personally think AD is a more consistent scorer and defender than Harden and Giannis, but AD doesn’t deserve it because he hasn’t been able to lead a team like Lebron, Giannis and Harden. That Lakers team goes as Lebron goes.

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This is exactly it. Stans will do anything for their king, logic and consistency be damned.

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If Middleton led Giannis in every stats but one Bron stans would be using that narrative day and night as to why he shouldn’t be MVP.


LeBron is best enabler as far as making his team successful, without LeBron this Lakers team is a fat L. AD haven’t shown enough leadership and that’s a big knock on him. Based on stats he also constantly shrinks in 4th quarters and please don’t bring that last Bucks game lol.

Someone like Jokic is much more of a leader than AD and that’s why I think he is actually better. It’s much easier to be second option on successful team than being nr1 option.

The logic is simple Wade was flash before Bron so he is recognized as alfa. Players like Bosh, Love and AD never went far so why would they get the spoils?

Obviously LeBron is a playmaker, Jokic is probably the only big in the league with elite playmaking ability but I don’t buy that shrinks in the fourth comment. I haven’t seen a lot of their games this season but the ones I’ve watched he has delivered In the fourth like the Bucks, the Celtics and I saw them play the Heat down here. He splashed back to back 3s to give them that game.

I don’t think it’s as simple as “would the lakers be good with no Bron?” Because if you filled assets in his place worth the same value I feel like the team would still be good/ a better showing for AD than the pels were

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Yeah I always find that “take x player away from the team” comment irrelevant. Any team that loses a star player is gonna be worse and like you said if you get the right pieces to replace him nobody knows how they will perform.