Actually glad I got banned

After watching Shake’s video, and reading the horror story of the pack pulls thread, I couldn’t be happier to be away.

What a fucking joke this company is, which is nothing new. It’s just so sad.

Game breaking glitches that remain year after year, terrible gameplay that results in different metas every year with the complete joke of oop players, the worst customer service on planet earth, “player engagement” and algorithm schemes… and now this shit.

Ban a good chunk of the community so that everyone is scared shit less to buy or sell MT, and then pull the ultimate heist of these even more (hard to believe) of a fucking scam ass packs.

And I thought politicians were bad. These 2k cunts are becoming the biggest con artists around. But yet people just keep throwing money at them.

But why? Don’t get me wrong fellas, I love basketball, too. But at some point, something has to be done about this shit. I’m the last person to try to tell grown adults what to do.

I guess I can just offer some friendly advice… run for your life. At the very least stop rewarding these shit stains by giving into their traps, and buying the shareholders more vacation homes. In my opinion, no way in bloody hell is it even close to worth it.


Link to shake’s video?

I’ll save you 20+ minutes of your life and just let you know that he pulled 900k worth of VC, and might as well had just wiped his ass with the money and threw it in the toilet.


Damn, not a single Kobe or Magic?

Four fucktard Draymonds and not shit else.

It’s crazy that people are paying 2-5x the cost of the actual game to pull a player within the game itself.


Thats only someones food for his family for a fortnight. Its insane lol he must get it for free or makes enough off youtube to cover it

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Seriously, that’s over $200 worth of VC

I felt guilty spending $10 today on 35k VC lol

What’s even crazier is that this piece of shit company can literally steal your money and give you nothing of any significant value in return… and yet people keep doing it over, and over… and over.

This video might be epic. Did he cry?


Glad I got banned too. Last year. Perma banned after 4k spent on the game. $0 spent this year budget balling and loving it. 2k can kiss my chocolate ass


Not defending 2k or anything, but what you just described sounded eerily similar to a casino lol

He was very close at the end. I feel like if the video would’ve lasted 30 seconds longer he would’ve completely lost it.

I saw it. 2 Amy Drays were his best pulls. in almost let hin scare me away from opening. glad I didnt lol. it all comes down to luck.

fkc that crybaby Shake. all he is doing is complaining. then why play 2k? oh sorry he made money from it.

Totally watching this after I’m done shitting

That’s why I’m not spending a penny for this game. #nomoneyspent gaming!

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but you said you open boxes…

I smell a 2k employee. :thinking::thinking::thinking: