Active MyLeague Online Recruiting New Members PS4 Sim Style


We are currently seeking new members for the KotK league. We are an active group of guys that love basketball and all the aspects of running a team. the league is designed to keep all teams competitive in a control your on destiny type of environment. We have a full discord setup with everything laid out for you to be successful. We need like minded individuals than can be productive members of the league. So if you are looking to test you GM abilities in a competitive sim environment check us out and see if its something you want to get immersed in.


Fantasy Draft.

82 Game Season (Play as much as you want) 20 game minimum for playoff eligibility

4 Week Long Season

Playoff Point System (Win=3 pts Loss=1pt) Point total determines playoff seeding

5 Game Playoff Series

All Non-playoff teams will receive same lottery odds (curbing tanking and making the lottery more intriguing and unpredictable).

Hall of Fame Difficulty (Custom Sliders)

8 Minute Quarters.

Full Free Agency and Rookie Draft

League’s Duration: 5 Seasons, then Re-Draft

In-season development

Off-season Development

Shoe Contracts

Release Week Tournament

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