Acquiring Vince Carter?

Does anyone know the current setup for a new player? Asking for my friends friend🙃 PM me.

I would be interested as well but I’m under the impression that its time consuming and I’d rather spend the time playing the game than grinding MyPlayer to build VC.

Check badgeplug on YT

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I honestly have no idea what the fook is going on in this thread.

Just letting you know you’re gonna have to be there the whole day. Sim out was changed to up/down 25 a while ago

Nah it’s quick

Pm me details.

Vince Carter as far as I know is not a reward card in Myteam. You can get Opal Worthy, Wilt or Walt from the Token Market and others. There is an amethyst Vince Carter that you can snag for cheap off the auction house. Best of luck.

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You went too far with being cryptic.

Ok, well who knows the most current method for setting up MyPlaers to do the Endorsement Glitch. That better?

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I see now.

Just go to YouTube n search what @jdealla told you to search

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U can also foul out vince carter

I’m like 48 cards from JR & getting desperate. :joy:

Problem with new brown shirts seems to be that you will not reach the 100k fans just by simulating games.

Even if you get in the first game and get that lucky cutscene to shout out fans?

Yes, shout out to fans is only 7.5k anyway.

Yeah but those did help. At least when I did mine. By April first I was anywhere from 150ish to 160ish K.

If that’s the case I’m glad Veronica let’s me in her exclusive VIP club still.

Yes it used to be that way.

Now you better dont mess up your brownies who got their endorsement ready. :wink:

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My brownies are never getting burnt. :joy: