Absolutely tired of Tmac

he literally pours in every shot he decides to take it’s absolutely insane. play great D on him for 23 seconds and he pulls up a limitless 3. He’s dunking all over my HOF Rim protectors, and then he’s straight up scoring heavily contested on my HOF D stoppers. Fucking insane man

whos mans is that?

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bruh i just lost a game where i shot 70% from the field and had like 4 turnovers

Equalizer? I legit just had a game where I missed WIDE open 3s in the first with Bird, Malone w/3pt shoe, Horford with Kyrie boost giving him 98 open 3, and three times with Magic. U just gotta brush it off and overcome it.

Soemtimes they fuck u over, sometimes they turn your opponent into gods. Just gotta take it

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not equalizer, tracy mc fucking grady

Use Magic, best defender I’ve used. Keep your hand up as much as possible. Hand down, man down.

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magic isnt in my budget sadly, this is my team

cp3 went off for 27 on like 8/11

get amythest MJ over Jimmy Bucks and have him defend the best guy.

With your lineup, id send Bron or start Kawhi and send him at Tmac

Pick up amethyst Deng. He’s like under 6k and one of the best defenders I’ve used this year + HOF catch and shoot

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I miss TMAC from time to time :frowning: I don’t even remember why I sold him.

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Out of my whole team (I threw everyone excluding Demarcus and Kat at him) the only person that he bricked over was CP3

Yes you’re foolish TMac + One sidekick+ 3 and D players around = rape

Oh w8 I remember it was for my diamond Magic and LeBron. Well the LeBron is pretty much a beast hmm

diamond Morris too has nutso defense and is a solid stretch 4.


When im getting equalized i say to myself, the truth will come to light lol. By time the 3rd quarter come all the b.s is gone.

I guess that’s a pretty good trade off. But I just don’t find the appeal of Magic as much tbh. Too clunky for me, while Tmac is smooth as silk.

I have roughly the same mentality. If I legit feel like I’m outplaying my opponent (like if they’re running a 2-3 zone/double-teaming all game long), I always tell myself, “that’s cute; too bad it ain’t going to work in the 4th quarter.” The 4th quarter always treats me well (I stop getting punished for taking good looks, and they start getting punished for taking bad ones).