About to try this new Carne Asada at Chipotle

About to try this new Carne Asada at Chipotle

Lol I just realized it looked like their was no rice in it, but it was brown rice in the bottom

Just… :man_facepalming:

How you gonna eat steak well done? Rare is where it’s at bro!

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Bro…just looking at that bowl is making constipated. You need a little vegetation and salsa in your life to keep that digestive track running. Everything in that bowl will hit your gut like a rock and come out looking the same as it came in.

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image https://giphy.com/gifs/sobbing-bel-maskmajora-130o0AYCKPZ1ZK

Extra bland please.

Bro that shit ain’t got nothing good for you lol. Eat some veggies ;). Corn don’t count that shit goes in and out the same way lol

:man_shrugging::man_shrugging:How does the corn still look the same coming out after chewing it up?? Always wondered this. :joy::rofl:

The fibers on the shell of kernels lack necessary digestive enzymes

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A few people died from getting e. Coli at chipotle in my city a few years ago so im still scarred and havent gone back since.

Ima give you D.Coli if you keep this up

Man I swear I am a steak nazi. Well done is a waste of meat. Go eat a fkn hamburger…

I am fine with medium-done, but if you order your steak well done I wanna rip that piece of meat of your plate and slap you in the face with it until your cheek looks like how the steak supposed to look like on the inside. XD

Edit: this thread is very entertaining btw thumbs up to everybody


100% bro, I like my steak pink as fuck

Ordering a steak medium rare provides a taste that you can appreciate. It’s the taste of essence and the juices of a recently slaughtered living being

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Always get your steak or burgers medium rare, unless youre eating at some seedy establishment. Juicy is the way to go. nobody wanta dryy ass meat

I order medium steaks and medium well hamburgers but y’all have to realize that some people don’t like blood or the thought of blood in their food lmfao. Understandable

Medium well, the only thing I eat raw is sushi

It’s not even blood lol


GWithout making this political, all of you people who eat their steaks well done are the reason WW2 happened.