About time to make some changes to my end game lineup!

I haven’t really touched the game much ever since the glitches really started to take over, but I have around 560k mt stacked up and looking to balance out this team. The 2 players that dominate for me have been Tmac and Kareem. I just dropped 48 pts with Kareem this morning and I don’t see myself selling him, but can be convinced otherwise.

Any suggestions are great! Thanks in advance y’all.

Odom or MPJ for AD


I had Odom’s diamond for a while and he was a beast! How’s MPJ? I also used his ruby card and enjoyed his release. Any cool PG’s I should try out?

If u like that diamond JR go to the GO. dribbles got a lot better and obviously he’s an easy green from the logo

just gonna be honest. if lebron isnt one of ur two top options sell him. no third option is worth over a mil