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What’s up ballers!

I created a Pro Am team yesterday and I’m currently looking to fill more roster spots. I have 4-5 friends I play with, but most are never available at the same time due to time zone differences.

Here’s what we got so far:
C - 91 ovr, 7’2 , glass cleaner
PF - 92 ovr, 6’10 , rebounding athletic finisher
SF - 0
SG - (2) - 90 ovr, 6’6, slashing sharpshooter, 90 ovr, 6’4, slashing shot creator
PG - 92 ovr, 6’3, slashing sharpshooter

Looking for:

Overall 90+
Available 4+ hrs a week
REAL basketball fan
High basketball IQ
Makes extra passes

If interesting in trying out for the team, message me and we’ll set up a game.

Thanks for playing and making the 2K community a great place! :+1:

You got a 2k20 team?

Lookin for pro am and rec team…93 sg sharpshooting faciilitator …always online

Looking for a ProAm squad to run with on XB1. Add me FlyMingo95

96 overall Glass cleaning-Lockdown 7 hall of fame badges 7’3 290 that plays great defense and not selfish on offense

PSN: Noodle_head72

Not sure if you still looking for someone

You still need another player?

I started my own 2K league with a whole different approach, if anybody want to join you’d be more than welcome.

Here’s a list of what is different compared to other no cheese leagues you may have been part of;

  • Draft with a combine (just like NCL).
  • Instead of picks being sent straight to whoever putting them on the board, a bid system will start where every owners will be able to bid money to get the player.
  • It will create a whole economy with player worth/values, players that won’t be drafted will be able to decide their salary when signing with a team.
  • 150$ of fake money allowed per team, team must have money after the draft just in case they need to sign free agents (GM will manage the money).
  • Same rules (VNBA/NCL = No zones, no left-right cheese, no screen cheese)
  • A lot of the rules wille be decided between the community with votes in LEAGUE MEETINGS. League meetings will occur once every season before the start of it. (On stream)
  • Draft night will be streamed on Twitch with crazy visuals (I will personally create something crazy)
  • Set schedules (1 game per week agaisnt a chosen opponent) the two GM’s will have to decide the day/time they play during that week.

I included the discord link, just join in and let’s have fun!
We are looking for Players/GM’s/Media etc.