A thread to reminisce (Any OGs still here?)

I was going to come back and ask the usual “is 2k worth buying at this point” question but I went down a bit of rabbit hole from back in the 2kMTC days, before THEE 2k Gamer stepped up and made this forum, and I think I found everything I needed to know.

So instead I have to ask, is there anyone from back in the 2kMTC days that is still here? Anyone that knows who Thee 2k Gamer is? Anyone that was there for the transition to this platform and has seen it grow to what it’s become?

I still see a handful of members like @kinsman , @HarryLundt are around. But a lot the people I remember most around here are either banned or inactive, community members who at one point in time were always around. Some were moderators and now aren’t even allowed to have accounts.

508 suspended, denali suspended. @OGxSuave , @raptorsbenchmob ,@HollygroveMikey4MVP , @star5CR34M , @Muglegacy2 all inactive. Remember when @ItsShake4ndbake joined the community and the night that was? Now he hasn’t uploaded in months and has been off here over a year.

Of course no signs of Mattygunz or FCS (Anyone here remember that?) I guess really if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have 2K Gamer.

I would never be able to mention all the players who at one point in time held firm that 2k would always keep pushing forward and they would always continue to play and be in here, yet they all seem to have failed the test of time (myself included).

So I have to ask; is there anyone left? Anyone from the 2kMTC days still around here in 2KG and still playing? If so what keeps you around after all these years, what’s happened to our peers we all used to chop up 2k with?

What’s happened to the community?


jw what was your username on 2kmtc?

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I’m here from 2KMTCentral


I joined after the 2Kmtcentral craziness. This site has died down from back then, but it’s still my preference.

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@2KGamer is still around but more like if we throw out the bat-signal. Hopefully he sees this and appreciates that he gets referred to like a punk-rock band. He’s a real person. Last I talked to him he was still playing the game but has a lot more professional and investment stuff taking up his time.

Shit hit the fan I think early last year? If one of them hasn’t already DM’d you about it, a bunch of the regulars started another site. And they were most of the members who wanted to use the forum to talk about other stuff in addition to 2K. Folks here now seem more focused on 2K as far as forum discussion goes.

Personally, I’ve dabbled and got sucked into Monthly and other Agenda goals but haven’t been truly into the game. But there are others here who are still way into it.


I still play, but I definitely don’t have the time to devote to 2K that I used to… Mainly just friendlies with the homies since I’m too old to deal with the online toxicity I tolerated in my younger years.


@kinsman @HarryLundt

Good to see you guys are still around and still playing. Really appreciate the time yous took to even extend out here. Same for @2KGamer and the things he’s done here.

I did receive a few DMs reaching out that way instead of in the thread, mainly just to catch up. I did some looking around myself to see how the vibes been, how the community had been doing. It’s definitely like you said , more focused on 2K and has slowed down atleast from my memories of traffic here.

I’ve kind of seen here and there while just checking out activity what I think you’re referencing but haven’t really found too much specific.

That’s a shame a whole new site was created and the community divided. Just kinda like I said a lot of people I recall from back in the day were super active contributors to the community and it’a just a drag some of them are gone. But I guess the “why” may be what I’m missing … atleast in my mind , all I have to use is the precedent of what caused the 2kMTC>2KG migration.

Did things really get that bad?

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hey homie! its been a while i wont lie!

after pandemic kinda fizzled out i got busy with IRL shit working and stuff

i barely play the game

but definitely appreciate the peeps i met during the pandemic played a shit ton during that period and met some real mfers

ill probably buy 2k23 just out of habit and love of basketball but the days of me grinding 2k like i used to is kinda behind me but once them raps cards start dropping you know imma need to get em lol


I haven’t participated in the grind the past couple years. I jump on at the end and buy MT to try the best cards for cheap. I play at my leisure until the servers shut off. Much better than keeping up with the pack and sweating over amethyst Kobe in October.


I’m originally from 2kMTC and still play 2k, just mostly offline or PnO. My issue is 2kgamer is mainly a My Team forum and that game mode no longer appeals to me since it has almost nothing to do with real basketball anymore. Clearly the broader community is willing to spend more in the current version but most of the OGs you mentioned were basketball fans too from what I remember…or maybe they just got old, had kids and don’t have time anymore…


If anyone really remembers the great ZemGOAT from 2KMTcentral I’m sure y’all do. Him and I used to talk a little back then I think or I tried to lol.

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Until the last 2 seasons (or basically until DM Tacko came out), I think 2K did a good job this year slowing the progression of players from realistic to unrealistic. You could play with small guards and win. Larger guards (like Penny) had horrible shots so there was a real trade off. Most centers were either really good defensively inside but could not shoot or could shoot (a little) but were not very good defensively. Limiting what HOF badges many players could get helped.
It is funny how many times online there seemed to be comments about 2K putting out the inv cards were too slow and when they finally did the EG cards they complained it ruined the realism of the game. To me the biggest issue is making sure that the best players are actually good. I hate to see what they have done to Bird over the years where he has a slow and not very good shot. Even his EG card is one of the worst. Magic also always had a lousy shot until EndGame and could never move well. While it is always up to argument, the best 4 players of all time are Jordan, Bird, Wilt, and Magic. Not unreasonable to also add KAJ and LeBron in that list. However, until their DMs come out, they are far and away uninspiring.

Joined in 2018 and honestly one of the best communities I’ve been apart of, lots of people left but 2KG is definitely something that made the 2k community better for me, thanks guys


I agree. I only joined around the last few seasons of 2K21, but really like the 2KG community and it has enhanced my enjoyment of the game.