A Quick Message to the 2KMTC "Refugees"

Before I say anything, obviously I’m new here as well. What I say may not hold much importance to the veteran users, but considering the 2KMTC crowd seems to listen to me I thought I should say something early.

This should go without saying, but 2KMTC is a lot different than 2KG. This should be apparent. This forum is a hell of a lot more active and not as focused on the card art niche that 2KMTC evolved into after it was basically deserted. A majority of the first bigger users to leave 2KMTC, myself included, left because the site was being neglected and the majority of the community was quickly devolving into hyper-egotistical, drama-fueled, clout chasing children. And it appears that, just like the “trends” in created cards, the smaller users decided to blindly copy the top users and move here.

I, along with what I assume to be the general population of 2KG, have no problem with new users moving to a new site. We don’t have total control over what another human being chooses to do with their own free will. I get that. But, I feel the influx of “refugees” aren’t taking into account that this forum is vastly different than 2KMTC with vastly different rules and social norms built by the users here now. The “refugees” don’t appear to have the respect for this new site, which believe it or not, was exactly what killed 2KMTC in the first place. The custom card posts are fine, obviously. That is a subsection of content we can provide. But the spam and general 2KMTC toxicity that is being carried over doesn’t paint a good image of yourselves or the community at large.

Instead of just making this a hit piece, I’d like to open the floor to the existing users here that would like to share any tips or help with the new users so that they understand some of the unwritten rules here and can better coexist without any issues going forward.

I’m still new to this site too so I’m just as much of a learner and listener here as well.


First rule…

Don’t mess with the Vork.

Second rule…

Don’t disrespect LeGOAT (ok that’s just my rule, but the first rule is universal)


Could you redirect me to these spam and toxicity sources?

2kg probably just gonna do another site rules pin like he did last time when we had an influx of users.

I just think that new guys simply need to skim over the rules

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It seems like they don’t even look at the pinned threads anyways.

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disrespect lewagon @DITQ15 you can he is bandwagon

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I’d rather not call specific people out as this post is about as confrontational as I usually got on 2KMTC before I left.

But, out of a few topics i hopped into, I’ve seen people complain about the influx of new people spamming or just not knowing how the site works in general. I’ve scrolled through and I’ve seen what they meant. It may be a byproduct of being used to having to make up for a dead site by being hyperactive on it.

I don’t know if this is illiterate Lebron slander, but if it is?

Here’s the door…

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@DITQ15 welcome friend


I agree with both!


Why don’t the 2kMTC dudes go to the MTDB site? They are basically the same thing. Like you said, this site is vastly different to what you would find in 2KMTC. Its not a rules problem, its just a different “product”. If they thought 2kgamer was going to be similar to 2kmtc, they are mistaken

This makes no sense I don’t even think MTDB has a forum page

2KMTC is a site where you look at card stats, open “packs”, make fake cards, stuff like that. 2k gamer isn’t that. MTDB is a similar site to what they already know

MTDB doesn’t have any forum setup. 2KMTC stayed “alive” via the forums and custom cards. That’s why the initial crop of people moved here and not there.

Honestly what’s the problem of them here? If all of them can act mature and behave well I don’t see a problem at all with everyone coming over.

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2kMTC had a forum??? :thinking::thinking::thinking: didn’t know

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I didn’t tell them to fuck off back to where they came from. I just thought they hopped on this site thinking it would be similar to 2KMTC, which it isn’t

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No worries. The forum was where the custom card scene primarily was. The card generator devolved into people spamming random PNGs from the 2KMTC app, so people who actually liked doing custom cards with effort behind them congregated on the forums.

This is the best you could do for the site :joy: