A Question For Webber Users

I wasn’t intentionally going for Webber, but I just noticed I’m about 200 cards away from him, with most of the Heat Check cards and a ton of jerseys I can easily grab to pick him up. Is he worth it? Like, for real, really worth it? I need someone to either talk me into him, or talk me out of him. Thanks, fellers!

Just got him yesterday, so I’m interested in what ppl who have him say

Yes… only weakness is somewhat small frame

Perfect to run at the 3, great at the 4 also

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He’s a SF. He gets bulled at the 4 by Blake in particular. And a lot of people are running Centers at the 4. Gets bullied again.

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I’ve played him a few times the last 2 days but he seemed under untilized. Hard for me to tell how effective he would be in the right hands. Can’t see him being ineffective given the lack of depth at the 4 and if someone is running small ball, he would be able to bully them in the post.

Lol maybe I’m wrong

IDK why 2k always gives CWEBB a small player model. I’ve seen the guy IRL a dozen or so times. He’s huge!!

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Aren’t all nba players huge compared to us ants?

Lol, I guess so, I’m 6’1” & the dude is a giant compared to me. JS
I mean all you gotta do is go watch some game tape of CWebb play he wasn’t small at all. 2k makes him Pippens size every damn year lol

Yeah exactly.

He’s smaller than Magic even though they’re both 6’9

But, he’s an incredible offensive weapon. Cash shooting from everywhere including moving threes, dominant post game, strength over wings, speed over bigs. Good passer & rebounder too.

I’m 6’4” and my best friend, Nate, is 6’6”… my wife and I were watching a warriors game a while back and she was talking about how small Steph looked on the court. I asked her how tall she thought Klay was, and she said my height. I blew her mind when I told her Steph is only an inch shorter than me, and that Klay is actually an inch taller than Nate lol.

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Webber is actually 6’10”, so I don’t know why he gets tiny player models every year. He should have something similar to AD’s player model in all honesty.


Got him 2 days ago and been running triple threat online with him. He doesn’t miss lol and will bully smaller players and grabs rebounds over dudes taller than him

Oh I bet, I wish I had him, I’m a Michigan fan. I always get the pivotal player from the Fab Five in my lineups. I’m still 400 or so cards away though :disappointed_relieved:

I got C-Webb last week and he is real fun to use. Smooth release with godly stats. Go get him

This exactly I can attest to that. Dude is 6’10”, he’s been that tall since high school. I’m about to be 41 & grew up in Michigan playing hoops. Chris is a couple years older than me but I’ve seen him since the guy was 16.

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Ditto. Got his autograph, etc. He’s not this small. It’s bizarre they haven’t updated his player model.

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Exactly. C. Webb is 6’10’’. I’ve never seen him listed at 6’9’’. I’m confused about 2k’s player model.

Maybe he’s 6’9” now when they measure him at MoCap. Idk, people shrink w/ age. :man_shrugging:
Webber’s knees are about gone too, so it’s not impossible to think with the loss of cartilage he lost an inch.

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I need 7 cards left. Happy I stuck to my guns and didn’t lock in any heat check , throwbacks or jerseys. Huge mt profit coming after these free agents are earned in team challenges