A PSA regarding shot meters

So I was messing around and took the shot meter off in Free Style and left it that way.

Went into an MTU game and it was still off - but there’s no way to turn it back on in MTU

Just thought I’d mention it to you guys :man_facepalming:

so let me get this straight, are you saying it’s permanently off in MTU or were you just stuck without it for that game?

No you can turn it back on. But if you go into a game with it off. Its off till after the game. Ive done it a few times myself

Just the game

It’s better that way.



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The perfect option for me would be no meter but with the flash if it was green. Thats the only reason its on for me lol

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I noticed that I time fadeaways perfectly without it, but the jumpshots not so much. The meter throws off my fades so much for some reason.

I’m pretty sure there is a flash if it’s green… like 90% sure. Second-guessing myself because you said this lol… have you checked?


I havent checked looooool

Well, try that out lmao

If it doesn’t, then try turning the feedback on.

Feedback on already, yeah im gona check when i get home haha