A problem has occurred that will prevent this game from continuing

Wtf does this mean I wasn’t on my 12th game or anything but I was about to win and I get hit with that.

Did it happen out of a timeout?

Yeah lol

Has happened to me multiple times in Play Now Online and I have no idea what causes it.

Some guy literally on the mic as I’m trash talking him and whooping him says “At least you can’t win at disconnects” and calls a timeout and then it happened lol.

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Yeah I think this kid pulled some shit I was beating him by like 20 and he kept pause flashing me then I called a timeout and waited the full 60 seconds hoping he’d just quit and then i get that message

Happened to me this too a couple times during timeouts.

Looks like those punks found a new “sub glitch”

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Yeah if that’s true at least they just don’t count it

new? that shit is here since 2k18 if not before

I said new cause it’s a different thing as far as I know in 2k18 you couldn’t force a game to not count just that sub glitch.